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Since he was 12 years old Hieu Pham was passionate about break dancing. While his passion for dance has never wavered, a passion for dentistry emerged. When Dr. Pham decided it was time to start his own dental practice, he discovered teaming with Norwest Contractors offered a unique advantage. The Norwest DesignLab is a commercial design showroom offering a full range of installed design options. Dr. Pham was able to make visual comparisons and end up with the exact amenities and touch points he envisioned for his patients


Size: 1,534 sf

Space Plan Firm: Obsidian Design

Interior Design: Norwest DesignLab

Location: Portland, OR

Project: Dental tenant improvement

“My biggest concerns in starting a construction project was the cost. And one thing that I really appreciated from Norwest was the fact that they kept me in the loop the entire time, and I was able to make decisions to lower the cost or increase the cost if that’s what I wanted to do.

One thing that I really liked about Norwest when I started working with them was the communication was excellent. There was a lot of people that were taking care of me throughout the entire process and I felt like I was taken care of the entire time. I felt like I was listened to.

How would I rate my overall experience with Norwest? It’s definitely a five-star Google review, a six star Yelp review, five star Facebook review. I would definitely recommend them."

Hieu Pham  D.D.S.
Atlas Dental


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