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Norwest's DesignLab creates the most functional and appealing interiors, in less time and with greater budgetary control. Using DesignLab, clients are able to streamline the entire design-to-budget process and eliminate repetitive, time-wasting budget cycles that too often lead to disappointment and misunderstanding.

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Collaborate with Norwest Designers

We design to your vision--from the first rough sketches through final designs. Clients can work with our designers to select colors, finishes, fixtures, and furnishings. Both designers and businesses can use DesignLab to research materials, review designs, and collaborate.


Tight Integration with Norwest Project Managers for Budget Control

Norwest's DesignLab works with our project managers to ensure that your design vision is carried throughout construction. The result? A faster design-to-budget process, smarter decisions, and a better-finished project.

DesignLab Creations

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