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"They just do so many projects like this. We knew  Norwest was really one of the premier builders of medical and dental spaces.

I think one thing that that they were really good about was recommending alternatives that maybe weren't a good idea or there are better ways to spend our dollars. I remember Norwest's Mark Enger saying multiple times, you know, you might want to consider this finish, it will be a lot less expensive. It'll look exactly the same. 

We've recommended Norwest to all of our colleagues. It's definitely a company that you'd want to work with. Getting your project done on time and on budget is really important. They're going to help get you there."

               --Dr. Sam Mattson and Dr. Ben Hellickson


Size: 4,643 sf

Space Plan Firm: Guggenheim Architecture and Design Studio

Interior Design: Guggenheim Architecture and Design Studio

Location: Beaverton, OR

Project: Full building renovation and tenant improvement

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