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For the majority of us, going to the dentist can be a stressful and fear-inducing event. Did you know that nearly 60% of dental patients feel some level of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist? According to a 2014 study conducted by Dental Research Journal, a vast majority of patients experience stress-related symptoms before and while receiving dental treatment. Other studies have shown even higher rates of patient anxiety. If you plan on building a dental office of some kind, there is a good chance that most of your future patients will struggle through some level of anxiety before their appointments, while in the waiting room, and of course, throughout their actual treatment. The good news is, you can take several steps during the planning phases of your dental office construction to ensure that the layout and floor plan will help contribute to a relaxing experience for your patients.

At Norwest Contracting, our dental office contractors understand that the right design of your dental build-out can make a big difference when it comes to whether or not your patients will feel comfortable while visiting you. Without a doubt, you want all of your dental patients to feel at ease while attending their appointments. We have the dental office contractors you need to ensure that your dental build-out will look beautiful and instill a sense of confidence in your patients. Follow the steps below to help keep your dental patients coming back for treatment time and time again.


The future of your dream dental office starts with finding the right dental office construction company. Experience, professionalism, and attention-to-detail are all important qualities for your dental contractor to possess. Norwest Contractors has the best professional dental office contractors in the business. Every step of the way, we will connect you with our team leaders to help go over your future dental office construction plans. We offer a variety of building and design options that will guarantee a beautiful and stress-relieving atmosphere for your dental patients.


Our dental office contractors know that your space will need to be accessible for patients of all kinds. During your dental office construction, there are several safety standards you will need to comply with. Arguably, the most important regulations you will need to follow will be those set forth by the American Disabilities Association. If you have patients that are in wheelchairs or use other mobility assistive devices, their anxiety may increase if your dental build-out is too small or is difficult to move around in. We know you want to avoid making your patients any more stressed than they may already be when coming to see you. When you work with Norwest Contractors, we can help guarantee that your dental office construction plans comply with ADA regulations. From the moment we start helping you plan your dental build-out, all the way through to the final interior design stages, you can trust our team to make sure that no additional patient anxieties will be caused by a lack of accessibility or decreased range of motion.

#3 – ASK THE EXPERTS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS The best dental build-outs are those that offer an open and stress-free environment. If you are working towards constructing a dental office with easing patient anxieties in mind, the planning and designing phases will be challenging. However, if you not only have the right contracting team but are able to ask the right questions, your final build-out will be well worth your efforts. Our dental office contractors will work with you to answer even the most seemingly minute questions that most contracting companies wouldn’t bother spending time on. We understand that the overall experiences of your patients are important for their dental care and also help ensure the longevity of their treatment. If you are concerned about how certain elements of your dental build-out will affect your patients’ anxiety, we will gladly take the time to revamp or reconsider certain design features that will help guarantee a calming and positive visitor experience.


Choosing the right floor plan and layout for your dental office construction will ultimately help reduce patient anxiety. Could you imagine walking into a dental office that is cramped, dark, or feels claustrophobic? These kinds of negative environments can ultimately contribute to dental anxiety. More than likely, your patients may already be feeling stressed or anxious in the days or hours leading up to their dental appointments, even if they are just receiving a check-up or cleaning. Walking into an environment that is warm and welcoming will not only give your patients a sense of ease but encourage them to come back year after year as well. At Norwest Contracting, we will consider all of the details related to your patients’ first impressions, including the lighting, colors, floorplan, artwork, and other important features.


Inevitably, your patients will need to wait at least a moment or two before they are seen for your services. The last thing you want to do is have hard or uncomfortable seating as the only option in the waiting area for your patients to use while they wait. Any professional dental build-out should include an inviting waiting area that, above all, includes comfortable seating. Using a portion of your budget to invest in the right seating can help reduce a patient’s anxieties while they wait. Norwest Contractors will help you choose the right seating for your waiting area, as well as other interior design elements that are sure to create a stress-reducing atmosphere. Our designers will find the best seating to fit the overall style of your dental build-out, ensuring that any place your patients sit to wait is comfortable and will allow them to relax.


Your youngest patients may also be feeling some anxiety, too. This is especially true if they have never been to the dentist before or have had a difficult experience in the past. The best dental office contractors are sure to make room to include toys, children’s play stations, and other activities that young patients can enjoy. No child likes to wait around with nothing to do, or be without a fun activity to keep them entertained. When you choose Norwest Contractors for your dental build-out, we will guarantee a family-focused and child-friendly waiting area that will keep even the smallest patients free of anxiety and stress. You may even find that your dental build-out will be so fun, that younger patients won’t mind coming back to visit you on a yearly basis.


The right materials, colors, and textures in your dental build-out will make or break how your patients feel before and during their appointments. The right combination of colors and materials can help ease anxieties and make your space a more inviting place to be overall. One of the greatest things about working with Norwest Contractors is being able to take advantage of Norwest DesignLab. Since 2010, DesignLab has been a great resource for those looking to construct dental build-outs. Here you can collaborate with designers, architects, and other professionals to create the dental build-out of your dreams.

The purpose of DesignLab is to explore the materials and interior design elements that will one day make up your dental build-out. With our installation gallery, you can compare and feel various materials right in-house. Norwest DesignLab has already helped countless other visionaries simplify and enhance the selection processes of the materials and finishes they ultimately choose for their dental office construction projects. With DesignLab, you can streamline the design and budget processes by researching materials and reviewing designs right in front of your eyes.


A good majority of dental patients will avoid treatment, yearly cleanings, and other procedures altogether at just the thought of a poor experience. However, the right environment can make a big difference. When your future patients look you up online and see that your office is open, warm, and comfortable, chances are, they will be less apprehensive when it comes to making an appointment for the dental treatment they need. If you work with our dental office contractors at Norwest Contracting, we will build you a functional, beautiful, and inviting space that your patients are sure to love.

Your patients mean a lot to you and we want to help create the dental build-out they will want to come back to over and over again. With assistance from our experienced staff members, we can bring to life the right space that will reduce patient anxiety altogether. Give Norwest Contractors a call today to get started with your dental office construction. With our help, your patients are sure to experience less dental-related stress thanks to a welcoming environment.

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