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Dr. Michael Setter and Dr. Aaron Geelan have two separate practices but bought a building together and had Norwest build distinct offices for each of them.

They enlisted Norwest to help them evaluate the building to ensure they didn't make a mistake in the purchase process--factors like appraisal, the building's composition. They had complete trust in Norwest's experience in building dental offices.

As typically happens, little problems would pop up but Dr. Setter observed that Norwest had solutions to the problems before they even informed him of it.

He is impressed by how patients compliment him when they walk into the office--the finishes, the quality of the building, the design and flow through the office.


Size: 2,700 sf

Space Grayscale*works

Interior Design: Norwest DesignLab

Location: Portland, OR

Project: Dental denant Improvement and bulding upgrades

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