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Dr. Paul Anderson of Oregon Clinic Gastroenterology was excited to move in to a new modern ambulatory surgery center in order to serve patients and the community with more capacity to do colonoscopies and upper endoscopy,

Seth Kiser and the Norwest team were involved very early on--property acquisition, schematics for the intricate details of a surgery center. 

Seth and team were able to assess the intricacies of an existing building working with the architect through budget and design all the way through actual construction. Applying the Know Your Building approach, Norwest was able to Dr. Anderson got what he really needed--an expanded ambulatory surgery center to provide excellent medical care to the local community.

Dr. Anderson's vision of a space that patients can  feel welcome and comfortable became a reality.


Size: 7,244 sf

Space Plan Firm:  Anderson Dabrowski

Interior Design: LH Designs

Location: Oregon City, OR

Project: ASC build-out

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